Broken Beach Nusa Penida, the Broken yet Beautiful Beach

Broken Beach Nusa Penida, the Broken yet Beautiful Beach

Broken Beach Nusa Penida, the Broken yet Beautiful Beach

11 months ago

There is a part of Penida Island that is continually being hit by the direct waves from Indian Ocean. This has caused that part of the island have so many steep cliffs in a beautiful shape. 

Behind all of that, the continuous waves formed the cliff in a natural shape and all that left now is its beauty! This can be seen by the fact that Penida Island has many small group of island nearby and surrounding its big mainland and this view has becoming one of many reasons all tourist come to visit this Island.

Not only small group of islands, the hit from the waves has formed a tunnel between the big rocks nearby the beach. This place is called Pasih Uug. Pasih Uug is a Balinese term for Broken Beach. This is why all the tourists started calling this beach as “Broken Beach”.

It is almost every day that there are so many tourists come to visit this Broken Beach. The number of visitors could reach 1,000 people a day in holiday season! This is because of the beauty of Broken Beach that has a big natural swimming pool which connects directly to the open ocean.

Other than its beauty, many tourists come to Broken Beach because just 500 meters from this place there is another magnificent beach called Angel Billabong. Most tourists want to use their time as efficient as possible by visiting these two most popular spots in Penida altogether.

Broken Beach is situated on the west side of the island, just 17 kilometers away from Toya Pakeh harbor. It is located in Sompang, Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali. It will take up to one hour from Toya Pakeh to Broken Beach if you drive by car or scooter.

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