Events in Nusa Penida that are loved by tourists

Events in Nusa Penida that are loved by tourists

Events in Nusa Penida that are loved by tourists

11 months ago

During the Bali Arts Festival, the entire Regency presented its culture. At that time tourists will flock to watch the activities that are routinely held every year. Because all Balinese arts and culture will become one at this Bali Art Party.

In Ubud, there are many festivals. There is the Ubud Writers Festival, there is the Ubud Jazz festival and there is also a Food festival, Yoga Festival, Ubud Royal Weekend. Usually in those events tourists who become certain communities will come to see the festival to Ubud. For example yoga practices will be during yoga, as well as the writing community will come at the Ubud Writers Festival.

In Nusa Penida there are also events at certain times that are a tourist attraction. Every October there is usually the Nusa Penida Festival. At that time various art, cultural and touring events were displayed. Tourists will watch the event besides being invited to enjoy the natural scenery of Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida festival is held since 2014 and is held annually.

In addition to the Nusa Penida Festival every March at Nusa Penida there is an ogoh-ogoh parade. That is in the framework of the Nyepi Day. In the ogoh-ogoh which is held at the Public Square Sampalan, each village will display one ogoh-ogoh representing the village. Interestingly ogoh-ogoh which is a work of art in the form of a large statue that resembles a giant or another scary.

Also in Nusa Penida every July to early September there is usually a ceremony for taking or burning dead bodies. Harvesting is a Hindu tradition to deliver the soul to heaven. Interestingly, the service in Nusa Penida, which is different from the mainland Bali, is an event to parade bade and lions at sea. It was done in the sea considering that Bade's journey from the initial place to Setra was only a sea road, if it passed the highway the road would automatically be closed and totally jammed.

The activity of parading Bade and lions in the sea becomes a heroic and unique view of culture. Travellers will not waste the event, they carefully watch and also do not forget to take photos.