Interesting spot that you should visit in Nusa Penida

Interesting spot that you should visit in Nusa Penida

Interesting spot that you should visit in Nusa Penida

11 months ago

The most place that many visitors visit in Nusa Penida is  around the sea side.  Whether it is on the beach or  on the cliff. Besides around the sea side destination, in Nusa Penida also has hill, cave and water springs. Some tourism spot in Nusa Penida that you should visit, there are: 


Atuh beach is located on the east of Nusa Penida. Over there, the view are beautiful island with the name Padasan Island. The beauty of Atuh Beach because of their water springs with white sand. In front of the white sand beach we can see Padasan island and wide ocean. Usually the tourist will sunbathing, swimming and also tka a photo at Atuh beach.


Not so far from Atuh beach about 3 km there are many landscape with several formation of beautiful island. From the cliffs the tourist usually take a photo, enjoy the view and prewedding. One of the island of Raja Lima or thousand island there are tree houses. Tree house is the house on the top of the tree. Its name is Mollenteng. The tourist allowed to rent the tree house for stay. 


Across the Raja Lima cliffs, there is a new destination that visiting by many tourist. Why it is new? Because the access is new to the diamond beach. Beside the beauty of the beach, white sand and the coconuts leave waved, at diamond beach also there is a swing that will try your adrenaline on the top of the cliffs of diamond beach.  


Teletubies hill is located in Tangglad village the way to Sekartaji village. Several formation of the landscape at Teletubies hill is like the hill at the children’s favourite show Teletubies. With the beauty of Teletubies hill especially when the green grass cover the hills during the rainy season, many tourist enjoy the landscape at Teletubies hill. They take a picture and stunned at the beauty of Teletubies hill and some of them have a purpose to do prewedding at Teletubies hill. 


Its located in Karangsari Suana village there are temples that inside the wide cave. Not only Hinduism come to pray, but also many tourist come to see the uniqueness of the temple inside the cave. In the Goa Giri Putri there are 5 temple for Hinduism to pray. Every guest who wants to enter Goa Giri Putri temple is not allowed for those who are on their period for the women and must use traditional Balinese clothes. 


Crystal Bay Beach is located in Penida Hamlet, Sakti Village on a beach with white sand. In front of the beach there is a small island above the island with a temple. Usually tourists sunbathing, snorkeling and enjoy the sunset on Crystal Bay Beach. Sometime we can see there are some tourists diving. In front of Crystal Bay Beach, Ceningan Island is clearly visible. 


Kelingking Beach is located in Karangdawa Hamlet, Bunga Mekar Village. Kelingking Beach is a beach that is among the top 10 most popular destinations according to Tripadvisor version, a travel site that is used as a reference for tourists around the world. The beauty of Kelingking Beach is its unique shape like a pinkie also has a niche with white sand. Besides the island that juts into the middle of the sea there is also a small island beside it. 


In Sompang Hamlet, Bunga Mekar Village is a hollow cliff that connects the open ocean with a giant pond there. People call it Pasih Hug Beach or Broken Beach. Many visiting tourist they enjoy the beauty of Pasih Hug and capture the moment with a photo. Sometime tourists have a special purpose, they take pictures for pre-wedding or taking pictures together because of group holidays.


Not far from Broken Beach, there is a trough filled with seawater which crashes into the land. The pool from the trough is called Angle Billabong. Initially called Angle Billabong because there are many beautiful women who take pictures there. Since then called Angle Billabong, the pool of angels.


Banah is located on a cliff in Batumadeg Village. This tourism spot in the form of a cliff that is not far from it there is a round island and holey in the middle. From the cliffs of Banah, tourists will enjoy the beauty of this island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They took pictures and also among them sat looking at the beauty of this island. 


Tameling is located in Batumadeg Village. In the area of Tameling Springs, there are temples of the surrounding community, 3 pools of springs and there are also Tameling Beach, which on the side there are walls of coral reef which are stacked with balance stones. The stones are piled up by tourists visiting there. Most tourists take bath, enjoy the shade of the Tameling spring and also sit on the white sand of Tameling Beach.


At the bottom of a cliff on the coast of Watas village there is a spring called the Suwehan spring. To reach the bottom must go through steep and steep down the stair. Arriving at Suwehan Beach, tourists will enjoy the fresh springs and enjoy the vastness of the Ocean that lies before them.


Peguyangan Spring is located in Peguyangan, Batukandik village. To reach below to Peguyangan Springs you have to pass 870 stairs made by the government because the spring was sucked up for the needs of the Nusa Penida community. For those who have a higher phobia, don't go there. After that, you will enjoy the fresh Peguyangan springs and the vast ocean. Not far from the spring there is a prayer place called Ratu Roro Kidul. Besides tourists visiting the place the Hinduism go there to pray.