Name for Nusa Penida

Name for Nusa Penida

Name for Nusa Penida

11 months ago

The island of Bali has many names. As the Dewata Island or The Island of Gods, Island with a thousand temples, Island of Heaven, The Morning of the world, The Last Paradise, The Island of Love. The nickname pinned to Bali Island is not without reason. All that is because Bali is considered a beautiful island, an island that is romantic and an island that has spiritual vibrations that do not exist anywhere else.

That is also what causes Bali always be visited by tourists from foreign and domestic. Throughout the year Bali Island has always been a comfortable, safe and pleasant place for tourists visiting Bali. By Australians, Bali is called their second home, so Australian tourists are mostly on Bali for vacation.

Like Bali, Nusa Penida even though its tourism has only grown from 2014, there are many titles for Nusa Penida. Such as the New Paradise, The Blue Pradise Island, The Lost Paradise, The Last Paradise, The Golden Egg of Bali and The Love Island. Nusa Penida has many names like that for several reasons. Here's the review: 

1. The New Paradise. Nusa Penida is called a new paradise because Nusa Penida is considered a newly discovered paradise. Considering that Bali         tourism has developed from 1920, while Nusa Penida has only just developed in 2014. Thus it is appropriate to be called a new paradise that has just         emerged. 

2. The Blue Paradise Island. The most prominent Nusa Penida tourism is about marine tourism. Good Tourism on the Beach, on the sea or in the sea.         That's why Nusa Penida is also called blue paradise, where blue is the colour of the sea that many tourists enjoy visiting.

3. The Last Paradise. With more technology in Kuta, Ubud and Sanur, many tourists switch to new nuances. Nusa Penida is a tourist alternative worth         visiting. Because Nusa Penida is seen as a Balinese in the past “Bali Tempoe Dulu”, tourists say the last paradise is in Nusa Penida, as the last paradise. 

4. The Lost Paradise. The beauty of Nusa Penida has existed since ancient times, since it existed. But the promotion with internet usage has only been         known to the world since 2014. It also caused when he was discovered, made tourists amazed and called it a lost and newly discovered paradise. 

5. The Golden Egg of Bali. By Governor Dewa Made Berata in fact Nusa Penida has been known to have great tourism potential. Therefore he is not         inferior to the island of Bali itself. Because the shape of the island of Bali resembles a chicken and the side of Nusa Penida is like its egg, Dewa Made         Berata as Governor said Nusa Penida as the golden egg oof of Bali, the golden egg of Bali Island ready to hatch into a golden chicken like its mother.         Evidently now Nusa Penida is equivalent to Bali itself being a tourist visit. 

6. The Love Island. Nusa Penida has a beautiful view. Not only the beach, the hills but also the sea floor. It also causes Nusa Penida not only to become a         tourist spot, more than that Nusa Penida is used by young couples for honeymoon, to go on tours to celebrate the wedding day and pre-wedding         photos. It also causes Nusa Penida to be called The Love Island, an island visited by young couples because Nusa Penida is known for its romantic         Island.