Nusa Penida Marine Park Amazes Tourists

Nusa Penida Marine Park Amazes Tourists

Nusa Penida Marine Park Amazes Tourists

11 months ago

Actually before Nusa Penida developed like now, tourists had come from the mainland of Bali. They will usually board a Fast Boat, Cruise Ship or Yacht to Nusa Penida. Their goals are diving, snorkelling and also in Lembongan they also surf.

It has been proven since Bali Hai Cruise Ship, Quick Silver, Bounty Cruise and several diving operators have come to Nusa Penida until now. They come not without reason, the main reason is Nusa Penida underwater tourism is beautiful. It also makes tourists happy to wade and dive into Nusa Penida.

Another proof why Nusa Penida has a beautiful marine park is because a number of studies conducted by TNC, CTC and CI about Nusa Penida have beautiful coral reefs, rare endemic animals and also have everlasting sea grass or seaweed beds and mangroves. The beauty of Nusa Penida is like a beautiful marine park, it also makes tourists happy to explore Nusa Penida.

TNC, CTC and CI are non-government organizations that focus on research, conservation on marine affairs. In their research they will collaborate with international researchers, then publish journals, books that will be used by the government, the public in making policies.

In general, the results of the research of the Non-Government Organizations are that Nusa Penida has beautiful coral reefs, rare marine animals such as Mola-mola, Parimanta, which have a zone of mangroves and sea grass beds.

However, coral reefs, endemic to animals, are vulnerable to damage and extinction. One potential damaging cause is tourism development itself. Therefore the government established Nusa Penida as a conservation area for Nusa Penida waters. That is to maintain, manage the waters of Nusa Penida so that the benefits of these waters can be sustainable.