Penida Beach with a Beautiful Sunset View and the Beauty of Penida Temple

Penida Beach with a Beautiful Sunset View and the Beauty of Penida Temple

Penida Beach with a Beautiful Sunset View and the Beauty of Penida Temple

11 months ago

Penida Beach is located in Penida, Sakti Village, Penida Island, Klungkung Regency, Bali. Just 16.7 kilometers west to Banjar Nyuh. It will take 50 minutes to reach this Penida Beach if you go with motorbike or a car. The tourist visitors will usually rent a motorbike or a car when they are on vacation in Penida Island. Find the easiest and fun way to rent a motorbike or a car through our website by clicking on this link!

The white-sandy beach stretches around 3 meters long and just in front of the beach there is a small island of where the Penida Temple (Pura Penida) sits beautifully. Most tourist visitors usually spend their time to sunbath, swim around, and snorkel in the blue sea. The crystal clear water is allowing all the snorkelers to experience the beautiful view of the underwater world in this beach.

Not to mention the beauty of the sunset view from this beach. It has become the most favorite place amongst all the tourists. They all will capture the moment together at sunset time and taking beautiful pictures with their cameras. At the sunset time, you will also spot a stunning image of sunset view, if you look carefully though the space between the Penida Temple. From this beach you will also get a slight view of beautiful Ceningan Island!

The History of Penida Beach and Why It Is Called Crystal Bay

Penida Beach is also called Crystal Bay because of the crystal clear water in this beach. There was once a research project conducted by Coral Triangle Center revealing the fact that the sea water in this beach is really clear. That is the time when they decided to name this Penida Beach as Crystal Bay.

There is also a clear water springs nearby the sea shore of Crystal Bay within 0 till 3 kilometers away from the beach. Because of the existence of this fresh clear water springs, it is believed that the first people who arrived in Penida Island long time ago started their lives in this Penida Beach. This statement is also mentioned in the history of Dukuh Jumpungan, the ancestor of Penida Island. In logical sense, water is the source of life, when there is water there are people who are trying to live their lives. The name of Nusa Penida (Penida Island) is also come from this Penida Beach.