Temeling, the Fresh Water Natural Pool that Connect to the Ocean

Temeling, the Fresh Water Natural Pool that Connect to the Ocean

Temeling, the Fresh Water Natural Pool that Connect to the Ocean

11 months ago

Nusa Penida has a very complex range of places to visit. Starting from cliffs, beaches, hills, but now we would like to introduce you a fresh water natural pool nearby the beach and connects directly to the ocean. The natural pool is called Temeling Natural Spring.

Temeling Natural Spring is situated in Batu Madeg Village, Nusa Penida. If you reach Toya Pakeh Harbor by fast boat, you just need to go west about 16 km from the harbor within 1 hour drive with cars or motorbikes.

It is suggested to go with motorbikes instead of cars because of the small path way toward the natural spring. From the main road to the natural spring pool, there is around 2.5 km path way that can’t be crossed by a car. Even for those bikers, you need to be experienced enough to ride your motorbikes, the road is only a small path way, going up and down, it would be too dangerous for those beginner riders.

If you decided to go with a car, you would need to stop at the first sign of Temeling Natural Spring. There, you will find many local people who offer a ride to reach the natural spring. It will be safer to go with them because they are well experienced and familiar with the road.

Once arrived at the natural spring, you would be amazed by its amazing surrounding. Most visitors are wondering the existence of this magical place in the dry island of Nusa Penida. There are three area of Temeling Natural spring pool. One area is assigned for men, the other one is for women, and there is one special area for holy water use for ceremony of the local people. Such a magical place created by god! Not far away from this place, you can see a view of a wide ocean with its blue water and white sandy beach.

In Temeling Natural Spring Pool, there is one famous spot called “Balance Stone” where all visitors usually try to put the limestone they find and put it near the tunnel. With a high number of visitors to this place you can guess how many stones are stacked in there now. This balance stone spot is also becoming one of interesting point to visit Temeling Natural Spring Pool.

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The History of Temeling Natural Sping Pool

Temeling comes from a word “tambelin”. In Balinese, “tambelin” means clogging. This is based on an old tale of The Kingdom of Nusa Penida called Dalem Ped Kingdom with its king Dalem Dukut who lost in a battle fighting Patih Djelantik Bogol. Djelantik Bogol is a general from Waturenggong Kingdom in Klungkung regency.

Djelantik Bogol had lost battles several times trying to fight Dalem Dukut the king. Later one day, Djelantik Bogol’s wife handed him a sacred weapon in a form of big dragon tooth called Naga Basuki. Once Djelantik Bogol had it in his hand, Dalem Dukut King felt an unexplainable hot feeling inside his body until he couldn’t bear it any longer and declared his lost.

Right before Dalem Dukut pledged his life to Djelantik Bogol, he asked for a chance to pray. As Djelantik Bogol allowed him to pray, Dalem Dukut started to declare his cursed toward the land of Nusa Penida. Dalem Dukut didn’t want his land to be owned by Waturenggong Kingdom. His cursed was about all the fresh water natural springs that are located in the island would never flow to nourish the land ever again. That it would flow to the sea instead. Instantly what he wished for happened.

When all the fresh water natural spring in Nusa Penida didn’t flow to the farmers’ rice fields again, it flowed to the sea instead. And that one natural spring is what the local people called Tameling now. Tameling almost sounds the same as “tambelin”. The word has evolved to Tameling.