The Beauty of Nusa Penida is Like a Fairyland

The Beauty of Nusa Penida is Like a Fairyland

The Beauty of Nusa Penida is Like a Fairyland

11 months ago

Nusa Penida has a beauty like a fantasy world. How come, almost a hundred years of tourism in Bali has been known to the world of tourism, Nusa Penida doesn't budge. But after viral on social media and the existence of the Nusa Penida Festival 2014 the new tourism of Nusa Penida is known to the world and crowded.

Nusa Penida is as beautiful as a fairy-tale. That's because there are dozens of beauties that have been hidden which then appear to be racing to the top. Just say Kelingking Beach is the most beautiful beach in the world, Kelingking Beach is the top 10 most beautiful place in the tripadvisor version.

In addition to the Kelingking beach, (Pasih Hug) Beach also known as Broken Beach, is like a fairy tale. Which connects the mainland with the land of the middle of nowhere which is located on the Pacific Ocean. The tunnel from Broken Beach (Pasih Hug) is like a time tunnel that connects the real world with another world, fantastic.

Angle Billabong is not far from Broken Beach, it's like a story in Jaka Tarub's fairy tale. Angle Billabong is like a river of nymphs, where in reality many tourists, especially beautiful women, take pictures like nymphs bathing there.

Mollenteng, which is nearby, has a group of islands. He is like fairy-tale houses and other worlds, the house above the sky is like a fairy tale of peanuts and giants that in his story are a bunch of dwarves.

While Atuh Beach and Crystal Bay Beach are like fairy tales. Where on an island live a fairy in a beautiful place on an island complete with Unicorn houses and buildings.

Especially the Teletubies Hill, the name is clear that he is the home of the Teletubies children's film leaders. Lala, Po, Tinky and Wingky are residents of the Teletubies house, they are cheerful. As cheerful as the tourists taking pictures on the Nusa Penida, Teletubies Hill.

From this series of metaphors, is Nusa Penida just as beautiful as a fairyland?