When Is Your Good Time Vacationing to Nusa Penida?

When Is Your Good Time Vacationing to Nusa Penida?

When Is Your Good Time Vacationing to Nusa Penida?

11 months ago

If you go on a tour, of course, adjust the holiday. Or usually people vacation when there is a special time in his life. For example, when he married and honey moon, a wedding anniversary or it could be on a birthday.

Of course if you adjust national holidays it will coincide with other people's holidays. Usually if so, several flights, buses or ships will be crowded. If you vacation on a special day it will depend on the day, what date will the special day fall. It can be when it is on a national holiday, it can also be right when the holiday season is quiet.

Then when is the right time for a holiday to Nusa Penida? We suggest that for example you can choose leave, you should take a vacation to Nusa Penida during the quiet holiday season. Usually quiet during November, January, February and March. These months even though Nusa Penida is still crowded but not as busy as June, July, August and September.

If you are a diver and like to see endemic fish in Nusa Penida, which is mola-mola, of course the time chosen is also special. Because Mola-Mola in Nusa Penida only appears around July, August and September. Why in that month, because in those months the sunfish phase or also called Sunfish performs the cleaning phase or cleanses itself.

Then what are the benefits of choosing a lonely month for a vacation to Nusa Penida? The first is convenience, fastboat, roads and tourist spots are not as productive as the busy months. Of course with no crowds you will be more calm and free to enjoy the scenery on Nusa Penida. Besides the tour package prices and lodging prices are usually certainly cheaper during high season.

Then the other things go on vacation, including Nusa Penida, avoid the rainy season. Because in the rainy season you will not be able to enjoy the maximum travel and tourist spots. Besides the high sea waves during the rainy season, those of you who are seasick will not be comfortable on vacation to Nusa Penida.

Especially for those of you who are going to Nusa Penida to swim and sunbathe on the Beautiful Beaches of Nusa Penida. Of course you can't do it during the rainy season. The choice is to choose the dry season and the low season.