Impression of Travelers Who Have Been to Nusa Penida

So far, Bali tourism has been famous for a long time. Recorded since 1920 Bali has been known to the world for its natural and cultural beauty. Their impressions of visiting Bali varied. On average they are amazed at the beauty of Bali’s existing attractions and culture. Similar to Bali, Nusa Penida since it was […]

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The Beauty of the Sunrise on Nusa Penida

Apart from the sea and the beach that tourists are looking for, the sun is also in demand by tourists. They deliberately came to see the sunrise or the sun that was about to sink. As an example on Kuta beach, tourists at dusk gather there. Besides sleeping on the white sand, they witnessed the […]

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Beautiful Dusk on Nusa Penida

If you go to Kuta Beach, of course the beauty of the beach and the sea is the reason you linger there. Besides that it is not inferior to the beauty of the sea and the beach, tourists come to Kuta beach to see the beauty of the sunset. Usually to get the beauty of […]

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Beautiful Beach on Nusa Penida

In general, tourists to Nusa Penida want to see marine tourism. There is a sea, underwater beauty, beaches, cliffs and sun. For the beauty of the Nusa Penida beach, no more doubt. The beauty of Atuh beach with a cluster of small islands, you is like in Raja Ampat. Likewise the beauty of the Kelingking […]

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Atuh Beach, a Beautiful Hidden Beach on Nusa Penida

Klungkung – Nusa Penida, Bali is indeed known for its beautiful beaches. One of them is Atuh Beach, a beach that needs a struggle to reach it. Curious? If anyone asks for a beautiful beach in Nusa Penida Bali, you will surely answer Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, or Crystal Bay. All the beaches are in […]

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