Nusa Penida has a beautiful view. Both the tourist attractions on the beach, on cliffs, in springs and on the seabed are all cool. Because the beauty of tourism objects in Nusa Penida is cool and romantic, many young couples are on holiday to this island.

For those of you who are couples who want to go to Nusa Penida you should do various plans before going to Nusa Penida. Because if you plan a holiday well, of course, add to your peace. Some tips for you have easy and fun holiday to Nusa Penida are:

  1. Determine your holiday schedule both in advance. Because by scheduling a vacation to Nusa Penida various preparations can be done better. For example, you will complete office tasks first so that when you are on vacation or leave is not disturbed by your boss or office. Then if you plan a vacation in advance, you and your partner can adjust the time more precisely so that it does not clash.
  2. Determine Vacation Budget to Nusa Penida. If you are on vacation in Nusa Penida, budget planning or costs are important, you think about. Because if you have come all the way but only one day trip, of course there are very few objects that you can visit. You should take a vacation to Nusa Penida at least 3 days so that all objects you can visit. Choose lodging, tour packages that are right for your budget.
  3. Do new things when you are on vacation in Nusa Penida. Usually people who are dating or young couples of course on vacation on Saturday night are normal. Moreover, just that place, for example, culinary tourism or cinema, of course, will make the atmosphere tedious and saturated. It’s best when you go to Nusa Penida to do new things like snorkelling together or swing with a swing together. Of course this activity will be very memorable and not forgotten.
  4. During the trip to Nusa Penida it is certainly fun, fun is also tiring. It can drain your emotions and can trigger a fight that makes the holiday atmosphere mess. We recommend that as usual you must keep each other’s feelings so that the holiday atmosphere remains romantic and fun.
  5. Don’t forget your selfie or intimate photo during your vacation to Nusa Penida. Because Nusa Penida has many beautiful tourism objects, it is a romantic background for those of you who are taking pictures. Especially if you hold each other’s hands, kiss will certainly be unforgettable memories for the rest of your life.