In Anta, Tanglad Village, on the way to Sekartaji Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali you will find a cluster of hill along the way. This cluster of hill that has a shape of half circle, resembles small mountains is named Teletubbies Hill (Bukit Teletubbies). This name is inspired by the infamous Danish children television show “Teletubbies”.

The Teletubbies Hill is located 20 kilometers away from Sampalan Harbor. It will be one hour drive by a motorbike or a car. There are two ways you can choose to reach the Teletubbies Hill. First by going pass the beach of Sampalan Harbor heading to Suana and then Tangglad Village. Or you can go from Lemo and take turns in Gepuh Village which will directly lead you to Teletubbies Hill.

You can plan your trip to Nusa Penida including a visit to Teletubbies Hill by clicking on this link!

Teletubbies Hill has a very attractive landscape. In the rainy season, the grass on the hill is green colored, just like a perfect resemblance of Teletubbies Hill on the TV show. Most visitors will spend their time to take pictures of themselves amongst the lush green hill and some of them will take group pictures with their family and loved ones. This is such a beautiful place to take a group photo!

For those visitors who are lucky enough, you will be able to witness an attraction from the local people who are working on their field, plowing with their cows. This is such an interesting view for the foreign visitors to watch and to catch on their camera.

In other times, you will also be able to see some local people using their bamboo basket cutting some grass on the hill to be fed to their cows. It is just when the dry season comes and you visit this place at that time, there will be only a dry grass spread along the Teletubbies Hill.